Fausto Colombo

L'incertain regard



Curiously I came to journalism via the medium of film. My passion for cinema, the Seventh Art, if you will, was piqued even as a child with my first exposure to the so-called Sword-and-Sandal and Spaghetti Western movies. Over time this early fascination for the movies evolved into a defining feature of my adult career path. After three years of formal study in the field at the Milan School of Cinematography and Film/Video Production, I found myself strolling along the Croisette in the late 1980s, initially my visits to the Cannes Film Festival were as a spectator on the sidelines. With increased exposure to film festival culture, I was engaged as a scout for an Italian film distribution company, and subsequently as a reporter for a newly released art, fashion and culture monthly magazine based in Milan. What began as a boyhood dream finally culminated in 1998, and after two years of published articles, I officially received a membership card in the Italian National Association of Journalists.

In the ensuing years, in addition to Cannes, I regularly took part in th Berlin and Venice Film Festivals where I continued to write about movies and interview directors and actors.Travel broadened my personal and professional interests and perspectives as well as introduced to me a whole new range of  people both in and outside of the film world. It wasn't long before I began receiving an increasing volume and variety of editorial project proposals. Soon my repertoire expanded from movies to tv-series, photography, travel, tourism, sport as well as LGBT themes for publications such as InStyle, Kult, Posh, Freek, Rêve, Têtu, Têtu.com, In The World, Milano7, Babilonia, Trend in addition to Louis Vuitton City Guides.

After fourteen years as freelancer, I continued to be active for another two years at Unique Media, a publishing house in Milan. Here I learned the dynamics behind a monthly magazine: content choice, proofreading, editing, layout, advertising, amongst others.

My relocation to Zürich changed the nature of my formal professional collaboration with the Italian printed and online press, and I have become an International Correspondent for magazines such as KULT and POSH This designation increases the relevance of the countless articles I have written (and continue to write) for my blog ZÜRI-swissness, a perspective from an Italian insider on the multifaceted life of Zürich. 


Please contact me anytime if you need articles or photographs regarding Swiss topics including Swiss culture (art, film festivals, photography), fashion, events, tourism, social and political issues, and interviews with personalities. 

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